Why did your department gain or lose faculty members, course loads, or majors?

November 14, 2013

Why did your department gain or lose faculty members, course loads, or majors?  Peer group data are now available from our 2011-2012 Academic Sociology Department Survey for those department chairs/heads who completed the survey. Our latest research brief from the survey also is available now.

ASA Department Survey Three Cover

The Sociology Pipeline for Today’s Graduate Students

October 15, 2013

What would make you consider an applied, research, or policy position that was outside the academy? See our latest MS PowerPoint presentation–The Sociology Pipeline for Today’s Graduate Students–and share your comments here on our blog space.

Link to PowerPoint Presentation Cover Slide

What new trend data would you like to see?

September 16, 2013

The latest publicly available data for postgraduation plans of doctoral degree recipients in sociology and other social sciences are available on the Research Department’s Trends in Sociology page. We also have included unemployment rates among sociology and other social science degree holders, which can be viewed here.

What new or additional data tables would you like to see the Research Department publish in the future?

Image of postgraduation plans data table

Why aren’t more sociologists being hired?

August 5, 2013

The job market for new PhDs–as reflected in advertisements for assistant professor or open-rank positions in the ASA online Job Bank–continued to grow in 2012-2013. Available jobs were at their highest level since before the Great Recession, and there was an 84% success rate in filling available positions.  Yet, only 69% of the offers made were to sociologists.  For more information, see our latest Job Bank research brief, On the Road to Recovery: Findings from the ASA 2012–2013 Job Bank Survey.

Why aren’t more sociologists hired? And what can or should PhD-level departments do?

2013 ASA Job Bank Figure Three

Strong ties, weak ties, or no ties: finding career-level jobs

July 15, 2013

What are you or your department doing to assist senior sociology majors to obtain jobs that reflect what they learned as majors? See Strong Ties, Weak Ties, or No Ties: What Helped Sociology Majors Find Career-Level Jobs–the latest research brief from our 2012 Social Capital, Organizational Capital, and the Job Market for New Sociology Graduates survey.

Social Capital Ties Brief Cover

Is student assessment a top-down mandate?

June 13, 2013

Is student assessment a top-down mandate from the administration, the state, the regional accrediting body, or the U.S. Department of Education for your department?  If so how does your department benefit from this activity, and, if so, how?

Please refer to our latest research brief (below) and do share your comments with us!

ASA 2013 Assessment Brief

What are your feelings about teaching online courses?

May 13, 2013

What are your feelings about teaching online courses?  Has your department instituted them?  If so, why?


Cover from ASA Research Brief: Changes in Technology, Courses, and Resources


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